About Anna

My name is Anna. It means ‘favor’, ‘grace’ or ‘beauty’. I believe every person, every human has its own secret power. I think my secret power is to see beauty in every moment, to find grace in every occasion.

When I was a small girl I loved to travel a lot and it was always very important to me to capture a moment and to share a part of world`s beauty with everybody. My camera always was a good friend in this. I spent all my life with photography? better to say photography is my life!

For me photography is a possibility to stop time, to capture something important and honest? moments of happiness and joy, love and passion.
I enjoy that people feel comfortable with me. This results in faces radiating happiness and attraction on the pictures.
With my photos I tell your story where you play the main role.

Check our portfolio, examples explain  better than words.

Client List

Hilti, Jysk, Media Markt, Head, OTP Bank, ALD Leasing, Elektroworld …

Editorial Includes

Páskom Cottage, Deák udvarház, Oliva restaurant, Kiskakas restaurant …

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