Frequently Asked Questions – Selfie Mirror Photo Booth

Do you cover deliver and setup?

Of course! We’ll take care of everything, so you can focus on enjoying your event.

Will you send someone to manage the process?

Absolutely! Your friendly host will stick to the area like glue, welcoming the guests, keeping them entertained, maintaining the equipment, and most importantly, delivering an experience your guests won?t forget.

How many people can use the Selfie Mirror at one time?

Depending on the size of your venue and space restrictions, up to 10 people can take a selfie at once.

Do you provide props/accessories?

Yes, we do! You’ll get a myriad of funky, high-quality novelties from macho mustaches to hilarious sunglasses, fancy feather boas, cheeky signs you name it.

Can the Selfie Mirror be customized?

Of course! With a minimum of 60 days’ notice, we can tailor the backdrop, startup screen, prints, AND booth wrap to your liking! (Note: Additional fees apply.) It’s a smart way to make your event theme or brand stand out.

Can I order additional prints?

Sure! Our unique “text your picture” features mean you can send your snaps via email. We’ll also send you digital copies of all of the photos after the event, so you can also print them immediately or order them in any size from your print service of choice.

How far can you travel?

Anywhere we can drive to!
Bluebird Studio is a Navan/Dublin-based company and we charge travel fees for events outside the Navan area or Dublin city.
Further out? Let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.

How long does it take to set up and break down the Selfie Mirror?

Generally, we require 1.5-2 hours to set up before your event. Breaking it down would take around the same amount of time.

How much space does the booth take up?

This depends on your event, but we typically advise at least a 10’x15′ space. Keep in mind you might have a line all night. 😉 We also require set up on a dry, level surface with at least 1 standard 230V outlet available nearby.

Can the booth be used outdoors?

This depends on the weather conditions and surface. We can only set up the booth on a dry, solid floor. Conditions should be dry and temps should remain reasonable for the entirety of the event. We strongly recommend against putting it in direct sunlight as the mirror is highly reflective (obvious, right?).

How many guests can you photograph per hour?

With up to 10 people in front of the mirror at one time, you do the math. It all depends on your unique event!

How long does each photo session last?

Great question! Once a person or group of people step into the Selfie Mirror experience, it can commonly take between 1-3 minutes, depending on how they use it! We can customize the on-screen experience to make it shorter or longer as needed!

Do we get copyright of our images?

Copyright is complicated but the Bluebird Studio keeps copyright but grants clients the right to do practically anything with their photos with the exception of commercial use, this is standard practice within the Wedding Industry.

Does the Selfie Mirror need Wi-Fi to work?

Not necessarily! If your venue has limited access to Wi-Fi, we can send your images out to guests the next day.

Can I get my deposit back?

Deposits are non-refundable and are required to secure your spot.

How can I book?

Click “Book Now” below to experience the Selfie Mirror difference for yourself!

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