About Us

Bluebird Studio is a unique photo and film company, pioneering in contemporary wedding photography and cinematography. Our candid yet artistic approach helps us create photos and films which are elegant and full of emotions. Bluebird Studio’s outstanding quality and award-winning visual style is sought after worldwide.

The bluebird is a symbol of happiness, and our signature style captures just that; your happy moments inspire us to create stunning and powerful imagery and to provide you with unparalleled customer experience. Whatever your photo and film needs may be, our team at Bluebird Studio is here to make them come true!

Photo / Film

As the owner of an exclusive photo studio for many years, Anna’s experience in photographing and filming people is priceless. Her youthful, candid style results in remarkable photographs in which people may discover a cavalcade of emotions. With impeccable style, Anna lifts intimate moments to an artistic, yet playful level. She captures each moment with a feminine touch. Anna’s signature style is best described as the one which grabs the elusive, dreamily perfect moments of the day. Her powerful portraits are always a vision of one’s best self, expressing love and serenity.

Photo / Film

With over 11 years of international experience in digital imagery, specialized in wedding photography and filmmaking, Janos captures the world -and your wedding- with a fresh, modern, exciting approach. Janos’s exquisite images are full of life and wonder: the surroundings are always in perfect sync with the people and their emotions. An expert digital filmmaker, Janos specializes in creating extraordinary wedding and event movies and imagery. His exquisite capturing and editing style blends a romantic approach with the most modern, breakthrough techniques in filmmaking, spiced up with some Hollywood charm. His films are truly magical; something you have never seen before.

Wedding Childcare

My name is Evelin N Hosszu, and my motto is: Life Is An Event, Make It Memorable!

I am a young woman with a child soul and versatile skills. Including face painting, glitter tattoo and henna making, dance skills, event organizing, and entertaining skills. All these skills are an assistance to my business. They make me unique and successful in the tasks I must complete.

I was a dancer for more than 12 years and had the opportunity to try and practice several dance styles in different countries. Dancing helped me realize that I have a special connection with parties, music, and people. I make parties exceptional with dancing activities, choreographies, and fun musical games…

Our Studio in Hungary

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