About Evelin

My name is Evelin N Hosszu, and my motto is: Life Is An Event, Make It Memorable!

I am a young woman with a child soul and versatile skills. Including face painting, glitter tattoo and henna making, dance skills, event organizing, and entertaining skills. All these skills are an assistance to my business. They make me unique and successful in the tasks I must complete.

I was a dancer for more than 12 years and had the opportunity to try and practice several dance styles in different countries. Dancing helped me realize that I have a special connection with parties, music, and people. I make parties exceptional with dancing activities, choreographies, and fun musical games.

I have a huge interest in art, and this business enables me to be creative and artistic. Face painting, glitter tattooing, and henna, makes the day of the kids and adults memorable and exciting. I provide art and craft services, where only the imaginations can set a limit of what we could create with the children.

I enjoy partying, but I prefer to organize them. By helping people create their dream events I believe I help them make their life easier and memorable. I love my job the most when I see a big smile on everyone?s face.

I cannot wait to leave Your family, friends, and children with a life-lasting memory!

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